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Web Services

Green Geeks

How about "unlimited everything" for $3.25/month, with FREE domain name registration for "life"?

I've been using them for for almost 3 years now for my own hosting , as well as several others that I know of. They generally have good service (I'm very picky) and up time and product offerings have been as advertised (basically unlimited everything, including hosting space). Green Geeks hosting provides a very low monthly rate (when you sign up for 3 years) PLUS they will pay for your annual domain name renewal (which saves you another $11-15 per year).

They have a sale going on which gives an extra discount, bringing the price down well below $5/month when you choose the 3 year plan.

Discount Code TODAYOFFER

Currently, they charge $180 for 3 years. But, they have a $30 off coupon, so it's really $150/ 3 years. Also, remember that they do free domain name registration for life (while you have a website with them). This saves you at least another $11/year ($33/3 years). Actually a little more, since domain name registration tends to go up a little each year.

Total Actual Cost

So, total cost for first 3 years can be as low as: $180 - $30 - $33 = $117/3 years or $39/year, $3.25/month. (It's a little higher if you have already paid for a domain name somewhere else.) It's a good deal.

Other sites I've looked at advertise a lower monthly rate, but there are a number of hidden costs. One site says $2/month for first 3 months, and $3/month afterwards. They also say free domain sign up, but that's only for the 3 month starter period, and then they charge you about $17+ for yearly renewals.

Anyway, check into all the costs before you commit to something!

If you know of anyone interested, please send them to THIS web page (here). Thanks!.

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Acronis Backup

Why would I recommend a backup solution when Windows has a very good backup program already, and, if that weren't enough, there are several very good free programs available?

Acronis Products

Gmail account hacked?

If so, read this for some steps to take to see if they got anything else (like your bank statements, iTunes account, Amazon account, etc.)