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Chinese Calligraphy

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Club Auralog (Mandarin Chinese)
Learn About Our Pre-Owned Pimsleur Program Pimsleur
Learn Chinese Conversational Chinese
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Learning Chinese Software Interactive Chinese
Minhua Chinese Academy Web Site

Study Abroad

Central University for Nationalities, Beijing (Unofficial)
Chinese learning in Hong Kong
Mandaring Study Exchange for Primary School Teaching
Maps of China - all kinds of China maps
Tai He Park - Trapped in China - BootsnAll Travelogues

Teaching Materials

Black Dragon Curls Around China's Heart, 1
Chinese Practice - free program to help you learn Chinese language
Journey of the Lost Rabbit
Phonogram Flash Cards
WWW Audio Tutorial of Basic Chinese

4 sided (Hanzi) Flashcards
Animated Chinese Characters
Art of Chinese Calligraphy
Babylon Products
BBC Languages - Real Chinese
C o o l e s t . c o m - CquickTrans - Chinese dictionary, translation aid, study system
CALL Navigator
Catalog of Chinese language sites - Superior Language Products at unbeatable prices - - home of the $154 Comprehensive CD set
Children Learn Mandarin Chinese language, Chinese Yinyin, Chinese Phonetics, Chinese Bo Po Mo, How to Speak Mandarin Chinese, C
China - Minnesota Ventures - Cool Connections
China Root Directory
ChinaLinks for HyperChina Users
Chinese big5 annotator
Chinese Character Dictionary Online
Chinese Language Forums
Chinese Language Software Survey
Chinese Language Software--Chinese Radical Exam
Chinese Languages
Chinese learning software references
Chinese Learning with Speech recognition
Chinese On line tone drill
Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages
Chinese Squabble Card Game
Chinese Squabble Game Home
Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Software
Clavis Sinica Chinese language reading and dictionary software
Conversational Chinese Online
Dan Washburn's Shanghai Diaries
Dave's ESL Cafe
DrDo Chinese Multimedia Trainer
Emnes Systems - Easy Chinese Self Study
English-Chinese Online Dictionary, English-To-Chinese Online Dictionary
Erik's Chinese learning Palm Pilot page
Eurotalk Interactive - Language Learning software for PC & Mac
Flashcard Exchange--The World's Largest Flashcard Database
Font resource links
Free online dictionaries
H&H English-Chinese Dictionary
How long does it take to learn a language
How to Learn a Language
Internet Guide for Chinese Studies (WWW VL-ANU-Heidelberg Univ.) Main Page
Java Kanji Flashcard 500 Navigation
ktmatu - Practical Chinese Reader Vocabulary Lists
Language Teaching Resources Chinese Materials for Sale
Learn Chinese Characters at ZhongWen
Learn Chinese language software Crazy Chinese
Learn Chinese through Pinyin
Learn Chinese with Chinese Home work trainer
Learning Any Language
Learning Chinese on line
Learning Chinese Online Page
Learning Chinese Tutorial Software and Books
Mandarin Pinyin Chart
Marjorie Chan's ChinaLinks 2 St. Paul Chinese Language Meetup Group -- Chinese Language
MemChinese Learning Program - Printing your own money
NJStar Chinese-Japanese-Korean Software (南極星軟件公司)
On-line Chinese Tools
Pintim fonts online
Pinyin Font downloads
Pinyin Fonts
pinyin with tones
Pleco Palm Chinese Dictionary
Reading and Writing Chinese Characters and Pinyin on the Web Using Unicode
Review of Chinese-English, English-Chinese Dictionaries - the online edition of South China Morning Post, Hong Kong's premier English-language newspaper
ShufaWest - Mandarin Language tools Project Info - JDict
StudyStack - Table Memorization Tool
Super Memory
The Complete Guide to Chinese Computing
The Dimensions of Learning Chinese
WaKan Project Website - Download
Welcome to HanWJ Chinese Software Site(HanWJ,HanWangJian,Han Wang Jian)
WWWJDIC Example Sentences - Documentation
Zhuyin, Hanyu Pinyin, and Tongyong Pinyin Cross-Reference Table